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The Challenge

In 2012, the Air Liquide Gas Encyclopedia at received 1.4 million hits, illustrating just how useful users find it. Air Liquide has responded to this high level of interest with the launch of its first Gas Encyclopedia App, which can be downloaded free of charge. Therefore, this app is with you everywhere, whenever you need it. The app is available now for iPad, with an Android version following soon.

The benefits

The app gives users direct access to comprehensively rich content detailing the chemical and physical properties of 64 gas molecules in their solid, liquid and gaseous states. The Encyclopedia also lists the compatibility of individual gases with a range of different materials, as well as describing their main industrial applications. Its content is produced by Air Liquide experts. The tablet app also contains a number of new functions, including a molecule comparator (extremely useful for laboratory work), an advanced search module, a unit converter and the option to view molecules in 3-D.

The targets

Students, scientists, researchers, customers… the target audiences for this app are many and various. The data it contains are designed primarily for students, public- and private-sector research scientists, engineers and Air Liquide customers… indeed everyone with an interest in this subject! This unique application allows anyone to discover more about the properties of gases on demand in an entertaining and educational format.

Watch the full range of functions

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