The Air Liquide Foundation promotes literacy in Argentina

In the developing economies, literacy is the key to employment and improved living standards. In Argentina, one-third of the population is under 20 years old, and nearly 2 million children have never attended school. The Fundación Leer addresses this problem by introducing literacy education programs in schools, libraries, hospitals, foster homes and young offenders institutions. More than 1 million Argentinian children have already benefited from these programs.
Neuquén province, where Air Liquide has an operating presence, is a particularly poor region of the country, and one where development remains marginal. It is here that the Fundación Leer is rolling out its ‘Open Book’ program, which creates reading spaces in schools with the aim of introducing children to the pleasures of reading and raising their overall level of education.
In addition to supplying books and creating and furnishing dedicated fun-based reading spaces, this program also provides teachers with specialist training in reading and writing teaching skills, and provides parents with information explaining the importance of these subjects for their children’s future. The Air Liquide Foundation, whose principles include taking direct action at local community level in Group operating countries, is supporting this program in seven Neuquén province primary schools. As a result, more than 2,000 children are now benefiting from fully-equipped reading spaces.

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