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Before the 2013 Shareholders’ Meeting : you can also vote by Internet !

Your vote counts, by Internet too !

Air Liquide encourages all its individual shareholders to vote at the Shareholders’ Meeting, whatever the number of shares they hold. So every year, nearly 450,000 Invitations to Shareholders’ Meeting are issued.

For the Shareholders’ Meeting of May 7, 2013, you received the Invitation to Shareholders’ Meeting at the end of March, and now have the opportunity to vote directly by Internet.

What voting by Internet means

When voting by I nternet, you can:

  • access the documentation relating to your vote (the Invitation to Shareholders’ Meeting of May 7, and the Reference Document);
  • vote on the resolutions;
  • appoint the Chairman as your proxy;
  • appoint a third party as your proxy;
  • apply for an admission card to the Shareholders’ Meeting. Once you have voted, you can print out a certificate showing that your vote has been taken into account.

How to vote by Internet ?

Full instructions for voting by Internet are contained in your Invitation to Shareholders’ Meeting.
If you are a (direct or intermediary) registered shareholder…
You should use the Votaccess™ online voting software, which you can find at, Shareholders section.

If you hold bearer shares…
You should log on to your usual bank website. Only holders of bearer shares where the French institution holding the share account is a member of the Votaccess™ system and offers this service for the Air Liquide Shareholders’ Meeting will be able to use this method.

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