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Why the new format for Interactions ?

As the company celebrates 100 years as a listed company on the Paris Stock Exchange this year, we felt it was time to update the letter to shareholders. Our objective is to make it more attractive and provide a clearer picture of Air Liquide today through its markets, regions, business lines and innovations. The new Interactions format has been developed out of a reader survey conducted amongst individual shareholders. We have also enhanced the digital version, which is now viewable on your smartphone or tablet. And for even more interaction, you can go online to choose the questions you’d like to see answered in the next issue.

How can you pass on your Air Liquide shares during your lifetime ?

There are three ways in which you can pass on your Air Liquide shares during your lifetime: donation, hand-to-hand gifts and customary gifts. Whichever you choose, the Air Liquide Shareholder Services team is available to help you and your heirs by managing their share account, even where ownership rights are divided by the process known as démembrement. This particular solution is used where the grantor wishes to retain the usufruct of the shares concerned, but pass on their ownership to his or her children. Passing on Air Liquide shares during your lifetime means you can introduce your loved ones to the basic values of the Company, your own investment culture and the opportunity to add value to the portfolio over the longer term.

Results of the vote on the questions submitted in april 2013

  • What are the key features of Air Liquide share performance? 25 %
  • How is Air Liquide contributing to the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles? 37 %
  • What are the conditions that have to be met for exemption from the 21% advance tax payment on dividends withheld at source? 31 %
  • Can an institutional investor hold its shares in registered form? 7 %

The voting is closed. Read the answers to the two most voted questions in the June 2013 issue.

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