Responsibility at the heart of our ambition

On December 11, 2013 at the Investor Day held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Group’s listing on the Paris stock market, Air Liquide restated its ambition: “To be the leader of its industry, delivering long-term performance and acting responsibly.”

Responsibility is indeed at the heart of our ambition. “Acting Responsibly” captures how we:

  • Serve our customers and patients, and contribute to society at large. The Air Liquide Healthcare offering is an excellent illustration of this commitment in practice;
  • Develop our people and run our operations. The Blue Hydrogen initiative (see also opposite) reflects the engagement of our teams;
  • Build relationships with our shareholders and all other stakeholders. Over 20 years, if a registered shareholder has purchased Air Liquide shares every year with his or her dividends, earned the loyalty bonus, and collected free shares, his or her portfolio has seen average annual growth of 10.8%.

“Acting Responsibly” therefore contributes to the performance of the company through its quest to identify better solutions for everyone. So ever since its origins in 1902, Air Liquide has succeeded in building a long-term relationship of trust with its shareholders.

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