TAKEOTM, a new step for oxygen therapy

The concept

To make the work for hospital staff - especially those working in emergency rooms and ambulance attendants – easier, Air Liquide launched the TAKEOTM medical oxygen cylinder in 2013. The heads of these cylinders are fitted with electronic information systems. This new generation of smart oxygen cylinders gives medical staff simple and immediate access to essential oxygen therapy data, such as the remaining time of consumption.

The benefits

On TAKEOTM cylinders, the traditional needle pressure gauge has been replaced by a digital display. The remaining autonomy of oxygen is known in real time, and an alarm warns the user when he needs to replace the equipment. The accuracy of the provided data ensures optimum continuity of treatment and limits wastage of medical oxygen. TAKEOTM has also been designed for greater practicality and safety: it is lighter, the head of the cylinder is more user-friendly and its very legible label allows the instant identification of its contents.

The applications

Oxygen therapy offers a large number of clinical applications that must meet high levels both in terms of quality of care and safety. The indication of the remaining consumption time of available gas and its ergonomic design allow TAKEOTM to respond effectively to the specific needs of healthcare professionals who use medical oxygen. One year after its launch, the new cylinder is already marketed in 12 countries around the world.

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