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Annual General Meeting of May 7, 2014: connected with you

Electronic invitation: a complete digital kit

Around 450,000 invitations are sent out every year to Air Liquide shareholders. In 2014, for the first time, registered shareholders had the opportunity to receive their invitation to the Annual General Meeting of May 7, 2014 by e-mail as a kit containing the invitation to the Shareholders’ Meeting, a digital version of the Shareholder’s Guide and a link to the voting website.

Vote by Internet

More than 12,000 shareholders voted by Internet prior to the Annual General Meeting last year. You now have the option of logging in to the voting website.
If you are a registered shareholder (direct or intermediary registered), go to the Shareholders section of
If you hold bearer shares, contact your financial intermediary.

Full instructions to vote by Internet are contained in your invitation to the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Shareholder App: more functions available on iPad

Following on from the success of the Smartphone version, the Air Liquide Shareholder App is available for iPad in French and - now - in English. If you are a direct registered shareholder, a series of extended functions allows you to log in securely at any time to your share account, for managing it, and use the personalized tax simulators (for French fiscal residents only). This app also offers key information about Air Liquide in eight interactive sections: Stock market price, Services, My Space, News, Agenda, Become a Shareholder, Simulators and Media Library.

The Shareholders’ Communication Committee visits the i-Lab

Air Liquide has invited the Shareholders’ Communication Committee (SCC) to find out more about the i-Lab. Part Think-Tank and part Corporate Garage, this laboratory of new ideas was launched by the Group in December 2013 to accelerate innovation and explore new markets. Located in Paris, the i-Lab works with the Group’s R&D sites in Europe, the USA and Asia.

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