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Can institutional investors be registered shareholders?

It’s possible and even recommended for those who take a long-term view of their investment. These institutional investors (pension funds, UCITS, mutuals, insurers, etc.) traditionally prefer bearer status, because they see it as being simpler than registered shareholdings. But the fact is that they can sell their shares at any time with no delay even as registered shareholders when their Air Liquide shares are administered by their usual intermediary. They also receive the same loyalty bonus* benefits as individual shareholders.

  • a 10% increase in dividend payments
  • 10% more free shares up to the legal limit of 0.5% of the capital of the company.

*For shares held for two full calendar years and subject to the conditions defined by Air Liquide’s articles of association.

What is the tax position on taxable capital gains realized since 2013, for French fiscal residents only?

In accordance with the 2014 French Finance Law, capital gains made on share sales after January 1, 2013 are subject to income tax based on a progressive scale. A tax reduction is applied depending on the time the shares concerned have been held: 50% for holdings of between two and less than eight years, and 65% for those beyond eight years. The rate of social contributions applied to capital gains prior to any reduction remains unchanged at 15.5%. You may be exempt from capital gains tax if you have a PEA (share savings plan) and have held your shares for at least five years since the beginning of the plan (social contributions still applies), or if you are making a hand-to-hand gift or donation up to the legal limit of amounts.

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