Spotlight on Poland: a growing market

To honor the 20th anniversary of Air Liquide in Poland, interactions takes a closer look at the market that is now the main driver of operations in Central Europe. Large Industries and Industrial Merchant activities are posting strong, consistent earnings there and the Healthcare activity is booming.

Three growth sectors

For Air Liquide, developing a new market often begins with a Large Industries contract. In Poland, Large Industries activities were rolled out gradually with key partners, originally with the steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal Poland, followed by leading local companies in the chemicals and copper industries. Industrial Merchant operations were set up progressively to serve the metals, automotive and agribusiness markets. Today these two business lines contribute equally to Air Liquide’s activity in Poland and account for 90% of total sales. Continuing its growth in the region, in 2010 Air Liquide began carving out a position in the healthcare market, then expanded to home healthcare thanks to acquisitions. Healthcare currently makes up 10% of the Group’s activity in Poland.

An economic growth area

The strategy of Air Liquide in Poland is to establish strong, lasting partnerships and to provide customers with a quality offer. This strategy is paying off: it contributes to company growth year after year. This success in Poland is starting to radiate to its Slovakian and Czech neighbors who are benefiting from regional synergies and growth opportunities.

“Air Liquide is very well established in Poland. The Polish industrial market is very diverse and gives the Group a great outlook for growth.”
Agnieszka Kula-Borsuk, Director, Central Europe

Listen to the interview with Agnieszka Kula-Borsuk, Director, Central Europe.


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