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Your invitation to the Shareholders’ Meeting goes digital

Electronic invitation to the Shareholders’ Meeting: a resounding success.

Each year more than 400,000 invitations to the Annual General Meeting are sent by post to the Air Liquide shareholders. Registered shareholders may choose to receive their invitation by email instead. This year 29,000 shareholders chose this option, nearly three times more than the previous year. Like them, you can sign up for this service on your personal online account. What are the benefits? Easy, quick and secure invitation and voting. New in 2015: the email will also give you access to a dedicated website for the invitation notice.

Digital invitation notice: a simple and informative formula.

Air Liquide, a pioneer in shareholder relations, is the first company to offer a dedicated website for the invitation notice. Accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones, this website provides useful information and features brand-new video and audio content: messages from the Chairman, explanations about resolutions, profiles of new administrators, and more. To explore the site, visit or go to the Shareholders section at

Air Liquide remains committed to the principle of “one share, one voice”

With regard to the double voting rights instated by the French law dated March 29, 2014 - known as the “Loi Florange” (see below) - and for the sake of consistency and continuity in protecting shareholders’ interests, a resolution to reassert the principle of “one share, one voice” adopted by Air Liquide over 20 years ago will be proposed at the next Annual General Meeting. Preserving shareholder equality helps prevent a shareholder from taking on a disproportionated power compared to the percentage of shares held. Since 1993, the Air Liquide’s articles of association have not provided for double voting rights, but rather a 10% dividend bonus and, for free share attribution, they provide for a 10% bonus allocation for registered shareholders*.

Double voting rights: what does the Florange law mean?
The French law dated March 29, 2014 (the “Loi Florange”) automatically confers double voting rights to all shares that have been registered continuously for at least two years in a company with shares listed on a regulated market, thus reversing the previous legal scheme. This new scheme can be voted down through statutory means to return to the “one share, one voice” principle.

*For shares held for two full calendar years and subjected to the conditions defined by Air Liquide’s articles of association.

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