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What services are available in the personal online account intended for registered shareholders?

If you hold registered shares, your personal online account offers easy, quick and secure solutions. You can see your share portfolio and loyalty bonus rights. You have also the possibility to access your personal information, request your invitation to the Shareholders’ Meeting in electronic format and vote on resolutions online.
If you are a direct registered shareholder, you can also place buy or sell orders online*, see the amount of your dividends, view your transaction history, read your account documents in electronic format (instead of receiving paper mail) and consult the average share price of your portfolio**.

*Provided you have signed an account agreement with Air Liquide.
**This average purchase price for your shares may be based on information provided by your previous account manager or a notary. If your average unit price per share is not available in your portfolio details, you can contact Shareholder Services.

What is the role of the i-Lab, the Group’s new ideas laboratory?

The mission of the i-Lab is to help accelerate innovation and explore new markets. Featuring both a think tank and a venue for experimentation, the i-Lab develops new offers and new products in conjunction with other Group entities. The multidisciplinary i-Lab think tank first identifies new growth opportunities by analyzing major trends in society (energy transition, changes in demographics and consumption, urbanization, new technologies) to better understand their impact on consumer habits. The experiment team then quickly tests these ideas on end users to confirm their technical feasibility and economic viability. Among the areas explored is air quality in urban areas, which is the focus of an action program to come up with useful solutions and technologies to help “Breathe in the City”.

Results of the vote on the questions submitted in April 2015

  • Is it possible to offer some shares to family members for a special occasion (birthday, an examination passed, birth)? 36,2% Find out our expert’s answer in the September 2015 issue, section Your questions.
  • What is the role of ERT, the European forum of major multinational companies in industrial and technological sectors, presided over Benoît Potier? 25,8% Find out our expert’s answer in the September 2015 issue, section Your questions.
  • How Air Liquide does to promote the diversity? 22,9%
  • What are the Shareholders section’s functionalities of Air Liquide’s website 15,1%

The voting is closed. Read the answers to the most voted questions in the September 2015 issue.

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