Sleep apnea: putting Air Liquide expertise to serve patients

Three questions to Dr Bruno Mauvais, Respiratory Marketing Director, Air Liquide Healthcare

Around the world, between 5% and 8% of the adult population suffers from Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS). To treat this widespread and often unrecognized condition, Air Liquide develops its technological expertise, as well as offering a real relationship with the patient and a complete support service. Dr Bruno Mauvais, Respiratory Marketing Director, Air Liquide Healthcare, explains…

What treatment is available for patients with SAS?
The gold standard for sleep apnea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) administered at night. A special piece of equipment generates and delivers a constant pressurized flow of air via a mask to keep airways open and avoid any pause in breathing. This daily treatment is effective, but restrictive, and half of all patients give up using it after a few weeks. Home Healthcare providers such as Air Liquide therefore have an essential role to play in ensuring successful treatment.

How does Air Liquide support apnea patients?
Once the medical prescription has been issued, the Air Liquide delivery teams provide patients with the medical equipment they need. The quality and safety of CPAP equipment are guaranteed by our evaluation laboratory, by an extremely rigorous set
of maintenance, cleaning and disinfection procedures. Thanks to their attentive local presence and education resources developed with expert medical practitioners, our team members have the ability to listen to, and inform, each patient to make sure that their treatment is progressing well. Air Liquide also offers a more intensive support program in the first month of treatment; in some countries, a nurse calls patients regularly to find out how they are progressing and boost their motivation to continue the treatment.

What kind of solutions does Air Liquide develop to optimize this treatment?
Patient compliance is a key factor in treatment effectiveness. With Air Liquide intensive support program, 9 patients out of 10 are still compliant with the treatment after a few weeks. Air Liquide has also developed an innovative remote monitoring system called Nowapi which adapts the support provided in real-time to meet the actual needs of the patient. Its first widespread application is currently in progress in France.

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