Interview with Benoît Potier,
Chairman and CEO

Dialogue and proximity

The Annual General Meeting of shareholders held on May 7 in Paris and the meetings with shareholders held in other cities of France provided a perfect opportunity for frank and open dialogue with all shareholders. Nearly 3,700 of you attended the Annual General Meeting at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, and more than 1,000 came to the Lyon and Bordeaux events. Your questions on the issues of strategy, businesses, innovation, Group’s geographical footprint, tax, geopolitical risks, CO2 emissions and many other topics triggered a series of rich and varied discussions, the quality of which is always highly motivating for the Company’s executive management and teams.

To borrow the title of this letter to shareholders, interaction is at the heart of the relationship between the Group and all its shareholders. The process of dialogue with institutional shareholders regarding governance issues that began during the Annual General Meeting will continue in coming months to ensure that the information provided is even more transparent, without compromising the interests of the Company.

In today’s challenging economic environment, I am delighted to witness the stability of our individual shareholder base, which, at 37% of the Company’s capital, is exceptional for a CAC 40-listed company. Please be assured that I stand alongside other CEOs in promoting and defending patrimonial shareholding in France and the wider Europe, because it is the cornerstone of long-term investment policy and ensures the stability and independence of our companies.

The proximity we value and maintain with our long-term shareholders feeds the trust they have in the Group. It is your loyalty that allows us to build the success and future of your Group.

Thank you for your loyalty and enjoy your reading!

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