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Registered shareholding: a simple and valued solution

Why become a registered shareholder?

Being a registered shareholder brings you many advantages. Registered shareholders enjoy direct contact with Air Liquide in addition to receiving a loyalty bonus* of 10% on the total dividend value received and the number of free shares allocated.

There are two types of registered shareholding

  • Intermediary: your Air Liquide shares are held by your bank (in a PEA savings plan, securities account, etc.). Your bank or other financial institution then remains your main point of contact. You will receive shareholder information directly.
  • Direct: your shares are directly managed by Shareholder Services. You will receive free handling and management as well as reduced broker fees (0.18% excl. tax on transaction value, with no minimum). The Shareholder Services team is available to assist you with your transactions. If you wish, you may also manage your account and buy or sell orders directly via our dedicated website.

Convert your shares to registered shares… it’s easy!
From now on, you can convert your bearer shares to registered shares and take advantage of the loyalty bonus from 2016 onwards. Just download the conversion form at, Shareholders section.

* For shares held for two full calendar years and subject to the conditions defined by Air Liquide’s articles of association.

Full explanations on the shareholding options

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Choosing between direct registered, intermediary registered or bearer shares is a personal decision. Let us present you the features and advantages of these shareholding options.

Available for iPad soon

More than 4,000 of you have downloaded the free Air Liquide Shareholder App from the App Store and Google Play… We thank you! Starting this fall, the App will also be available free of charge for iPad. In response to your requests, it is being enhanced with new functions, including direct access to your share portfolio for direct registered shares!

Why join Air Liquide’s SCC?

Every year, four shareholders from the Shareholders’ Communication Commitee (SCC) leave to make way for new members, who, like their predecessors, will be elected for a non-renewable period of three years. Applications are now open until July 31.

After three years of active participation, Gérard Martinod tells us about his experience. “I wanted to join the Committee to find out more about what happens inside Air Liquide, especially in terms of energy and environment issues, which are particularly important to me. It was also an opportunity I felt I should grasp in order to express my vision as a small shareholder. Ever since it was formed in 1987, the SCC has been committed to identifying shareholder expectations, especially in terms of communication. So I contributed to working groups on the redesign of interactions and the development of the iPad Shareholder App. Every SCC meeting is a special opportunity to discuss issues directly with Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of the Group.

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