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What are the conditions for exemption of the 21% withholding tax on dividends, for French residents only?

To benefit from this exemption, your reference taxable income for the previous year must be less than €50,000 for single taxpayers or less than €75,000 for couples. In this case, you will have to submit a sworn statement to your account manager (Air Liquide Shareholder Services for direct registered shareholders, or your bank for intermediary registered or bearer shareholders) before November 30 of current year and you will benefit from the exemption the year following the sending of your statement. After that date, 21% of the gross dividend amount will be automatically withheld at pay date. Direct registered shareholders can download a pre-filled sworn statement available each year at the end of September from their personal online account at, Shareholders section.

How is Air Liquide contributing to the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles?

Air Liquide designs, develops and installs hydrogen filling stations that can fill vehicles
with hydrogen in less than 5 minutes. More than 60 Air Liquide hydrogen filling stations have already been delivered worldwide (in North America, Germany, Japan, Korea...). In 2012, the Group opened its first public station in Düsseldorf, Germany. New stations in Brussels, Bremen, Rotterdam and Birmingham will be commissioned by 2014. Air Liquide is therefore ready to support car manufacturers who have announced that hydrogen-powered electric vehicles will be available by 2015-2017.

Results of the vote on the questions submitted in June 2013

  • Which sectors is the Air Liquide Fondation’s action focused on? 27.7%
  • Converting bearer shares to registered shares : how does it work? 26.7%
  • Will Air Liquide pursue acquisitions in Home Healthcare? 25.1%
  • How would you assess the opportunity to vote by Internet for Air Liquide’s Annual General Meeting this year? 20.5%

The voting is closed. Read the answers to the two most voted questions in the November 2013 issue.

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