The responsible procurement policy at Air Liquide

Air Liquide’s responsible procurement policy is an integral part of the Group’s Sustainable Development and Responsibility approach.
To fulfill its ambition “to be the leader in its industry, delivering long-term performance and acting responsibly”, Air Liquide expects all its suppliers to respect the Group’s ethical principles and ensure that all their employees and subcontractors comply with its Code of Conduct.

Air Liquide’s responsible procurement policy has been strengthened consistently since 2009, and makes use of several tools:

  • a Buyers’ Code of Conduct, translated into 13 languages, which sets out the ethical and sustainable development principles that govern the Group’s procurement;
  • a Suppliers’ Code of Conduct rolled out by the Group’s Procurement Department in 2013;
  • a sustainable development clause included in all Group framework contracts. This clause allows for the possibility of social and environmental evaluation and conducting external audits at the suppliers and subcontractors concerned. They also include compulsory reporting elements from the supplier, in particular on safety, energy and water consumption;
  • a social and environmental evaluation process for leading suppliers, developed with the support of a partner specialized in responsible procurement. Supplier evaluation campaigns are conducted annually by the Group, and include the possibility of on-site audits.

Air Liquide therefore relies on responsible suppliers to fulfill the Group’s Responsibility commitments.

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