Japan, a technology platform

Air Liquide established in Japan in 1907, barely five years after the creation of the Group. Over the years, this country has become a cornerstone for the Group in Asia, thanks largely to a strong presence in high technologies. Air Liquide now employs 2,400 employees in Japan, serving more than 15,000 customers.

A diverse market driven by technological innovation

Air Liquide offers a comprehensive range of industrial gases in Japan. The majority of our customers produce high-added-value products with a technology content for strong markets such as the automotive, electronics and energy industries. To benefit from the powerful innovation capability of Japan, Air Liquide has based its Electronics World Business Line in the country, as well as a Research and Technology center in Tsukuba (near Tokyo) and an Engineering center near Kobé. Air Liquide is also present on the healthcare market by delivering medical gases to hospitals.

Significant progress in hydrogen energy

At the end of 2013, Air Liquide Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation signed a partnership agreement for a hydrogen supply business for fuel cell electric vehicles in Japan. The new JV created under the terms of this agreement will build two hydrogen filling stations to supply hydrogen for future fuel cell electric vehicles. Intended for public use, these stations will be operational in 2014 to be ready when fuel cell vehicles are expected to reach the consumer market in 2015/2017.

"Japan has a very high level of capability in technological innovation. Its historic presence in this country means that Air Liquide is well positioned to develop new markets here."
Etienne Lepoutre, CEO Air Liquide Japan

Listen to the interview with Etienne Lepoutre, CEO Air Liquide Japan.


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