Aqualight, the innovative fabric from Aqua Lung

The technology

AquaLight is a completely new kind of water-repellent fabric that protects against water and moisture. It absorbs less water, dries six times faster than traditional fabrics, and is more efficient and maintains its properties longer than other water-repellent textiles. Applied to a synthetic fabric (polyester and elastane), AquaLight acts as a barrier, repelling water from the inside outwards. Unlike standard surface treatments, the exclusive nanotechnology used in AquaLight maintains the material’s natural softness.

The benefits

AquaLight swimwear offers swimmers many benefits. In the water, the fabric allows the skin to breathe and creates a feeling of gliding as the body penetrates the water more effectively. Every time it exits the water, AquaLight dries ultra-fast to deliver greater thermal comfort and convenience.

The strategy

Air Liquide subsidiary
and global leader in diving equipment, Aqua Lung provides divers with products designed to meet the highest safety levels.
As part of extending its leadership, Aqua Lung broadened its reach to recreational and fitness swimming through a separate brand, Aqua Sphere. AquaLight is part of this strategy.

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