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What does the new Air Liquide signature “Creative Oxygen” mean?

A signature contributes to brand awareness and international recognition. “Creative Oxygen” is the signature we use in all the countries where we operate. “Creative” embodies the endless inventiveness of Air Liquide’s teams. These ideas create value for the Group over the long term. “Oxygen” references the history of Air Liquide. The Group has grown on the basis of oxygen; a vital resource for both industry and health. Over and above the molecule itself, oxygen is a source of inspiration for our teams to create new developments for our existing markets and for future business. “Creative Oxygen” therefore refers to what we do, at the same time as embodying the inventiveness and creativity of our people. Since everyone is familiar with oxygen, our signature speaks to every audience. It supports our hundred-year-old brand and adds to its appeal by giving it a new impulse.

What is the role of Shareholders’ Communication Committee (SCC) members?

The SCC is a place for exchange and dialogue between Air Liquide and its shareholders. Its members make proposals regarding the projects conducted by Shareholder Services and Group Communications. Composed of 12 shareholders appointed for three years, the Committee meets three times per year in full session, chaired by Chairman and CEO Benoît Potier. At these meetings and during working group sessions, SCC members contribute their viewpoints and experiences as users on a wide range of publications, services, applications, events, etc. Recently, the Committee was closely involved in the development of the Shareholder App for iPad: it tested the app and offered its opinions and suggestions. Lastly, a member of the Committee represents shareholders on the Air Liquide Foundation’s Project Selection Committee.


Download the application form from the Shareholders section at and submit it, fully completed, by post before July 31, 2014.

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