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2017 Annual General Meeting: closer to you

The Annual General Meeting is a key occasion for discussion between Air Liquide and its shareholders: 3,874 people attended this year. Committed to the principle of shareholder democracy, the Group ensures that all shareholders can participate. For this purpose, Air Liquide uses digital technology to offer you additional services before, during and after the event.

Meeting your expectations

This year, for the first time, an on-line survey was carried out before the Annual General Meeting on 29,000 French shareholders who opted for electronic invitation. The objective was to find out their expectations with regard to the topics to be raised during the Meeting and the time that should be allocated to them. They also rated the reception arrangements from which they have benefited in past years. More than 5,000 responses have been collected and analyzed, in order to align the Meeting with the expectations expressed by shareholders.

Make you enjoy the live event

On D-day, a “behind the scenes” of the Annual General Meeting was unveiled in a 30-minutes report broadcast on the Group’s Facebook account. The Meeting was also broadcast live on Twitter and from the site with, for the first time, a sign language and audio description version.

Watch the recorded broadcast.

Extending the exchange

After the event, selected moments of the Annual General Meeting were uploaded the following day. A brand new best of feature involving ten themed videos: results, Airgas integration, Group’s transformation, innovation, shareholders’ remuneration policy, etc. French speaking Internet users were also able to watch live the “post-General Meeting” conference in Marseille on May 23 and ask Benoît Potier their questions live. More than 50 questions were received so thanks to the ones who took part!

Reward for the 2016 Shareholders’ Guide

The 2016 Air Liquide Shareholders’ Guide has been awarded the Top Com d’Or (Gold reward) for the second year running. The Top Com trophies are awarded to the best French communication campaigns of the year, in around thirty categories, by panels of professionals from the fields of marketing, communication and human resources. This is great recognition for this document that was sent to the Group’s 410,000 individual shareholders and which was designed both as a practical aid and as a guide to the Group’s achievements and prospects.

Visit of an Air Liquide industrial site

On 29 March, the Air Liquide site in Mitry-Mory (France - 77), a pure and specialty gases production center, opened its doors to around twenty visitors, following to the draw organized during the 2016 Actionaria fair.
The participants, mainly shareholders, got the chance to follow the journey of an industrial gas cylinder, from reception of the order to dispatch, via customized creation of gases mix, for various customers. This was a good opportunity to demonstrate one of the Group’s business in concrete terms. The visitors also attended presentations on the Group, its strategy, its business model, but also the specific nature of its shareholders’ relation.


“A big thank you for the tour of the Mitry-Mory industrial site. It was extremely interesting and allowed me to deepen my knowledge of this trustworthy company. I will keep on sharing my good impressions of Air Liquide with those around me.”
- C.C.

"I would like to thank you for the very interesting tour of the Mitry-Mory site. It was perfectly organized and you were very attentive to everyone. This site allowed us to discover an Air Liquide that takes into account the specific needs of its customers. Customized work worthy of “haute couture”!””
- B.S.

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