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How can I join the Shareholders’ Communication Committee (SCC)?

The SCC helps to contribute to Air Liquide’s communication and relationship with the Group’s individual shareholders. The Committee meets three times per year under the chairmanship of Benoît Potier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Committee members also take part in several working group sessions, on individual shareholding-related topics. Its twelve members are shareholders appointed for a non-renewable period of three years. Every year, four new members are selected on the basis of applications and then an interview. In order to reflect the diversity of the Group’s individual shareholding, multiple criteria, including their age, current or past professional experience and geographical location are considered, but also their motivation and creativity. Each and every shareholder can apply (note: SCC meetings are held in French only).
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IF YOU’D LIKE TO JOIN THE SCC, download the application form (in French only). Submit your completed form to the Shareholder Services no later than July 31.

How are the Board members selected?

The elected members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Annual General Meeting upon the proposal of the Board of Directors. Before this, renewals and appointments are submitted to the Board by the Appointments and Governance Committee. It coordinates, with the assistance of an external advisor, the process for the search for and assessment of possible candidates, which includes individual interviews with shortlisted candidates. The criteria established by the internal regulations are as follows: skills, integrity, independence of mind and judgment and determination to take into account the interests of all shareholders.

The Board of Directors shall also reflect diversity and complementarity of experience, nationalities and cultures, including a significant number of executive managers or former executive managers. The current Board of Directors consists of twelve members, with six different nationalities, five women and a Director representing the Air Liquide employees, nominated by the France Group Committee.

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