Our solutions to protect the environment

Air Liquide places Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its ambition. This commitment revolves around three main themes: climate change, air quality and commitment to local communities. A significant proportion of Air Liquide’s activities are directly linked to the first two themes: indeed, the Group offers its customers a whole raft of solution enabling them to reduce their CO2 and air pollutant emissions. Explanations by Jean-Marc de Royere, who sits on Air Liquide’s executive committee and is in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Three questions to Jean-Marc de Royere, who sits on Air Liquide’s executive committee and is in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What are the challenges Air Liquide endeavours to meet through its commitment to the environment?
Contributing to the protection of life and the environment is an integral part of Air Liquide’s commitment to its patients, customers and society at large. Climate change therefore lies at the heart of our concerns. The Group constantly strives to optimise the environmental footprint of its own activities and to improve that of its partners and customers.

How is this commitment illustrated each day?
Air Liquide develops solutions that meet customer requirements, protect the environment and contribute to the Group’s growth. Overall, our offering includes multiple sustainable applications to meet a threefold challenge: adhering to regulatory requirements, of course, protecting the environment and maintaining economic profitability. Solutions geared towards preserving life and the environment represent more than 40% of our sales and 60% of our spending on innovation.

Which areas of innovation relate to the environment?
Innovation is key, particularly when it comes to meeting the challenges of the energy and ecological transition. Air Liquide acts on two levels. The first level is the environmental footprint of our operations and procurement. Air Liquide is constantly developing its energy efficiency expertise and encouraging its suppliers to reduce their emissions. The second level is our commercial offering. The Group develops innovative new technical solutions such as the CryocapTM technology, which allows CO2 that was previously released into the atmosphere to be captured and valorised (see the Innovation section). Lastly, Air Liquide also contributes to the growth of new markets, including hydrogen energy and biogas for clean transport.

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