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What is the procedure for donating to the Air Liquide Foundation?

The Air Liquide Foundation is involved in areas in which it has a legitimate role to play: the Environment and Health/Breathing. It also contributes to local development by encouraging micro-initiatives in the countries in which the Group is present. Shareholders can now contribute to the Foundation’s work by donating money (cheques, cash, bank transfers) or shares. To donate Air Liquide shares to the Foundation, these shares must be available and direct or intermediary registered. To initiate a donation, contact Air Liquide’s Shareholder Services if you are a direct registered shareholder, or your bank if you are an intermediary registered shareholder.
The Foundation will provide donors with the relevant tax certificates. If you are a French tax resident, you will receive tax credit of 66% of the value of your donation, up to a maximum donation of 20% of your taxable income. If your donation exceeds this limit, the excess will be carried over to the next five years and will entitle you to tax credit under the same terms.

What is the role of ALIAD, the Air Liquide Group’s venture capital investor?

ALIAD, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, is charged with acquiring minority stakes in innovative technology start-ups. The objective? To position Air Liquide in an innovative ecosystem and forge long-term partnerships with start-ups operating in the Group’s strategic areas: hydrogen energy, health, energy efficiency, digital, etc.
Since its creation at the end of 2012, ALIAD has already invested in around 20 start-ups, primarily in Europe and North America. Represented on the majority of these firms’ Boards of Directors, Air Liquide’s subsidiary is also very active in terms of supporting these fledgling companies on the industrial and commercial front. ALIAD’s role forms part of the entrepreneurial initiatives of Air Liquide “advanced Business and Technologies”.

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