Contributing to sustainability

Delivering long-term performance and contributing to sustainability are at the heart of Air Liquide’s ambition. For the 2016-2020 period, Air Liquide will strengthen its efforts to improve air quality for better environment and health and will continue to be engaged in an active dialogue with all its stakeholders to contribute to sustainability.

Improving air quality for better environment and health
Air quality is threatened in many parts of the world by unbalanced development, causing public health problems (heart disease, strokes, and respiratory diseases) and exacting a substantial cost, both human and financial, to society. Air pollutants are multiple: NOx (nitrogen oxide), SOx (sulphur oxide), particulate matters, etc. Air Liquide works constantly to preserve this common and vital good through its operations, and in the fields of industry and transportation. For example, the Group develops clean transportation solutions around biomethane and hydrogen energy. Air Liquide also supplies hydrogen to produce sulfur-free fuels, avoiding emitting 1.2 million tons of sulfur oxides into the atmosphere.

Being engaged in active dialogue with all stakeholders
In 2015, Air Liquide launched a formal process to listen to and consult its stakeholders regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stakes. This exercice resulted in mapping the CSR stakes and distinguishing the most pertinent ones according to their importance to the stakeholders and to the company. Numerous stakeholders were consulted: customers, patient associations, suppliers, investors, journalists, NGOs, panels of employee representatives and of individual shareholders. The Group intends to renew the consultation regularly, in order to monitor the developments of its CSR stakes.

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