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How can I receive the loyalty bonus?

The loyalty bonus is awarded to our direct registered or intermediary registered shareholders if their shares have been held for at least two full calendar years. The bonus adds 10% to the amount of dividends received and to the number of free shares attributed. So if you have registered or converted your shares to registered form by December 31, 2016, you will receive the loyalty bonus from 2019 onwards. It is also possible to acquire shares in direct registered form directly from Air Liquide.

Please note: if your registered shares are held in intermediary form and you subscribed to new shares during the September 2016 share capital increase, these new shares may have been recorded as bearer shares by your account-holder. Do not forget to convert them into registered form before 31 December, 2016 in order to receive the loyalty bonus with effect from 2019.

What is the role of the new “Global Markets & Technologies” activity?

This new activity, composed of advanced Business & Technologies (aB&T) and Air Liquide Maritime, focuses on new markets requiring a global approach. It develops innovative technologies for the aerospace, space, extreme cryogenics and maritime markets and "incubates" new offers in the field of energy and environmental transition. In particular, it is responsible for opening up the clean transport markets for the Group: hydrogen energy for fuel cell electric vehicles (for personal cars and business fleets), Bio-NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles) and nitrogen-based refrigerated transportation. It is supported by its ability to implement its purification and biogas injection technologies into the natural gas network. In the maritime sector it is developing transportation and uses of industrial high value-added gases, such as helium. This business had revenues of almost €300 million in 2015.

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