The Group’s ethics approach

Air Liquide promotes the highest ethical standards for the conduct of its business. The Group adheres to the United Nations Global Compact – whose founding principles relate to Human Rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption – and to the Responsible Care® Global Charter that aims to improve global performances in the chemical industry in terms of health, safety and protection of the environment. Air Liquide also complies with the international rules of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and follows guidelines for multinational companies issued by the OECD.

Beyond these fundamental principles, Air Liquide applies its own ethical approach, which has four priorities:

  • reference frames for behaviors expected from all employees;
  • internal codes and procedures;
  • an awareness-raising and training program;
  • a whistleblowing and control system.

Integrity, i.e. honesty, impartiality and transparency, based on sincerity and openness, are the cornerstones of this approach. These values are set out in various documents (the Group’s Principles of Action, the Employee Code of Conduct and the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct) to guide behaviors.

An online training module illustrating the key concepts of the Code of Conduct enables employees to learn via concrete case studies. This module is mandatory and must be followed by all employees each year. A specific module on the risks of corruption is also provided to the relevant teams, in sales, purchasing, administration, etc.

Lastly, an ethics whistleblowing system is available to all Group employees to help them make decisions that comply with the Code of Conduct.

The Group’s ethical approach contributes to its good reputation and to the development of its businesses over the long term.

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