Access Oxygen, Air Liquide’s new “inclusive” offer


More than 4 billion people live on less than six dollars a day in developing economies. Proposing appropriate offering that are adapted to this BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid) market helps reduce poverty while building a win-win relationship. This is known as inclusive business: it is not a philanthropy’s action, but an economic activity which, while maintaining its profitability objective, has a social impact that benefits low-income communities and promotes innovation. These communities are thus integrated in the value chain as suppliers, distributors, employees or consumers.


The i-Lab, Air Liquide’s innovation laboratory, is the perfect place to explore new markets. After an initial project in Morocco, the i-Lab, in collaboration with the Healthcare teams and the Group’s subsidiary in Senegal, conceived a new inclusive business offer: Access Oxygen. Designed on the basis of observations of people’s actual needs, Access Oxygen is an all-in-one healthcare offer that includes the equipment and services needed to use medical oxygen in the treatment of acute diseases in small suburban and rural healthcare centers. This solution includes a training program for healthcare professionals, provided at a dedicated location, the Oxygen House. A digital application to support doctors and nurses in their decision-making is the final element of this offer. The payment system is also based on a paperless solution.


The Oxygen House was inaugurated last May in Thiès, Senegal. This region has more than 140 small healthcare structures. As there is no appropriate offering, these structures had so far no access to medical oxygen, although it is essential in the treatment of respiratory and heart diseases and to fight against mother and baby mortality. The Access Oxygen offer will be gradually extended to all of Senegal.

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