06.15.2017 Paris, France

Air Liquide participates in the Viva Technology show for the first time
Viva Technology, the international start-up show, was held in Paris last June 15th to 17th. At its booth, Air Liquide presented eight projects co-developed with start-ups, as part of its open innovation strategy. Connected healthcare, chatbots, augmented reality and connected glasses were on display.

07.06.2017 Paris, France

Energy Observer powered by hydrogen and renewable energies
Energy Observer is a seagoing vessel that is unique in the world, powered by hydrogen and renewable energies, energy self-sufficient and with zero greenhouse gas or fine particle emission. It is currently making the first-ever trip around the world, a six years trip with more than 100 stops, powered solely by renewable energies. To ensure the energy self-sufficiency of the ship all along the expedition, day and night, the hydrogen produced via the electrolysis of seawater is compressed and stored and then converted into electricity by means of the fuel cell. Air Liquide gives its support to this scientific and technological project which illustrates the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

07.10.2017 Évry, France

Home healthcare for patients with diabetes
Air Liquide is contributing to advances in home healthcare for patients with diabetes. The Group signed a partnership with CERITD, the French Center for Studies and Researches for the Intensification of Diabetes Treatment, to support its personalized patients follow-up approach. Air Liquide also acquired an equity stake in “Diabeloop”, a French start-up that is developing an electronic artificial pancreas which enables to automate the delivery of insulin and thus reproduce the functions of the defective pancreas.

09.06.2017 Tula de Allende, Mexico

Air Liquide strengthens its presence in Mexico
Air Liquide has signed with Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil and gas company, a long-term agreement to supply hydrogen to the Tula refinery, in the central region of Mexico. Air Liquide will acquire the production unit and upgrade it, and then provide hydrogen to the refinery with optimal safety and reliability. Hydrogen will be used in the petroleum refining process, to reduce the fuel sulfur content.

09.26.2017 Tokyo, Japan

Healthcare acquisition in Japan
Air Liquide is expanding its healthcare business in Japan with the acquisition of Sogo Sangyo Kabushiki Kaisha (“SSKK”). Present in the Japanese market for 60 years, SSKK – which generated revenue of approximately €27 million in 2016 – is specialized in the medical gases field serving more than 2,000 hospitals and clinics and home treatment for patients suffering from respiratory diseases. This acquisition represents a major development of the Healthcare activity locally where it increases the number of patients served at home by Air Liquide in Japan to reach 20,000.

10.04.2017 Paris, France

Free share attribution
On October 4th, Air Liquide distributed to each shareholder 1 free share for 10 shares held. For registered shareholders eligible to the loyalty bonus, this attribution was increased by 10%. These free shares have the same characteristics (seniority, voting, dividend and loyalty bonus rights) as the shares they come from.

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