Multiple opportunities in China

China is one of the top five countries for Air Liquide in terms of revenue. The Chinese economy has experienced spectacular rise in recent decades. For nearly 50 years, the Group has leveraged its expertise to support the country’s surge thanks notably to Large Industries activity. Today, all of Air Liquide’s business lines are growing in the country, and the Group continues to develop its local presence through investment and collaborations with external partners.


With a presence in China that stretches back decades, Air Liquide currently has 90 plants in over 40 cities meeting the needs of this dynamic market. Most of business lines operate in China, with Large Industries as a particularly key activity. The energy, electronics and healthcare sectors are registering rapid growth. The country faces a number of challenges related to demographics, resource constraints and pollution. Through its investments, Air Liquide is able to offer innovative and adapted solutions. Over the last year, the Group has signed a large number of long-term contracts providing industrial gases to three of the largest fibre optic manufacturers in China. This sector is experiencing strong growth with the expansion of 4G and broadband networks. The Group has also signed Engineering & Construction projects with major self-producing Chinese companies to allow them to upgrade or build new plants. The Group’s local presence is vital to ensure that solutions are tailor-made for the market. In addition to the Engineering & Construction Center in Shanghai and the Engineering & Construction Manufacturing Site in Hangzhou, a Research & Technology Center was inaugurated in Shanghai in 2016. This newest facility is primarily focused on developing new technologies in energy efficiency, emissions reduction, waste-water treatment, urban air quality, food safety and healthcare.


Air Liquide strives to contribute to a more sustainable world, by protecting the environment and developing local communities. These objectives drive products development, and a number of innovations have already been deployed, such as the oxy-combustion technology. This technology improves performance during combustion processes and can reduce consumption by up to 50%. Air Liquide also supplies specialty gases to many solar cell manufacturers in China and Taiwan. Other ways to help customers reduce their environmental footprint include hydrogen energy projects. Furthermore, Air Liquide in China supports initiatives in local communities, such as promoting road safety, tree-planting or providing recycled computers to schools in remote areas. The future in this rapidly transforming country is promising: thanks to its expertise and its solutions for a more sustainable world, Air Liquide is well positioned to capitalize on trends in a number of high-growth areas, including energy conversion, waste-water treatment, food processing, healthcare, cleaner mobility, and digital.

“Our presence and understanding of local markets allow us to better serve our customers and to contribute to local communities development.”
Marcelo Fioranelli,
President and CEO of Air Liquide China

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