ALbee*: concentrated innovation

the concept

Air Liquide has made life easier for craftsmen and light professionals by developing ALbee, an innovative range of small gas cylinders that are as easy to carry as they are to use. Structured around four types of application-flame (oxy/acetylene) welding, arc welding (argon and argon/CO2), HVAC maintenance (nitrogen) and balloons (helium)-ALbee offers a choice of 2.5 Ltr., 5 Ltr. and 11 Ltr. formats. And its business model is just as innovative, because users buy their cylinder instead of renting it. When empty, it can be exchanged for a full cylinder, with the user paying only for the gas consumed, making it much easier to keep track of expenditure.

The technology

ALbee gas cylinders come ready to use. Customers no longer need to buy an additional separate regulator, because it is integral to the cylinder. This Air Liquide trademarked technology offers many practical benefits: easy ON/OFF system, gas content gauge, and simple, flexible connection. With no additional fittings to be attached or removed, operation is completely safe.

The market prospects

Building on their commercial success in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, ALbee cylinders were recently launched in Argentina, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The range will soon be expanded with a new ultra-compact, ultra-light format that delivers significant advantages over similarly sized cylinders already available in the market (13.4 Ltr.).

* ALbee is a registered trademark of Air Liquide.

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