Aqua Lung, a company with long-term commitment

As the world leader in sport diving equipment, Air Liquide subsidiary Aqua Lung combines commercial performance with environmental awareness.

Established in 1946, Aqua Lung revolutionized modern subsea diving thanks to an invention of its founder Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau: a demand regulator he called the Aqua Lung (water lung).

Innately sensitive to the challenges posed by sustainable development, the company is introducing many initiatives in terms of recycling and renewable energy. The packaging used for the Aqua Lung U.S. Divers range of swim goggles was redesigned recently. By reducing the amount of plastic used, the packaging is now 20% smaller and 40% lighter. At the same time, the environmental impact of manufacturing this packaging is also smaller, and CO2 emissions have been cut to nearly 43 metric tons per year. Finished product transportation emissions have been reduced by more than 5 metric tons per year as a result of shipping smaller cases and fewer containers.

The results of this initiative did not escape the attention of Walmart, the giant US retailer, which featured the new packaging solution in May this year at its annual sustainable packaging expo held in conjunction with the Sam’s Club retail warehouse chain. Aqua Lung swim goggles were awarded the Excellence in Sustainability Award at the event. Walmart has more than 2,000 key suppliers in the US.

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