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What kind of initiatives does the Air Liquide Foundation support?

The philanthropic support provided by the Foundation focuses on the Group’s corporate social responsibility and sustainable development commitment. Now with a presence in 40 countries where it concerns 182 projects, the Air Liquide Foundation supports scientific research in environmental and healthcare fields, as well as micro-initiatives that encourage local development. For example, the NGO’s Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières project, which is improving living conditions for farmers in Senegal. Since the inception of the Foundation in 2008, 170 employees have supported and sponsored its projects. The Air Liquide Foundation also wants to involve its shareholders, who are represented on the Project Selection Committee.

Converting bearer shares to registered shares: how does it work?

If you hold your shares as bearer shares, all you need to do to convert them to registered shares is to send your bank a conversion request (you can download the form at, Shareholders section). Behind this simple transaction is a very specific process in three steps. Your financial intermediary receives your instructions and prepares an electronic notification of transfer containing your full details and the number of shares you hold. This document is then checked by the central depositary Euroclear (the ‘notary’ of the securities market). It is then forwarded to Air Liquide, which enters the details in the shareholders register. If you have requested to convert your shares to direct registered shares, Air Liquide will send you an account agreement to be completed and returned to the Shareholder Services. For conversion to intermediary registered shares, shareholders can contact their bank for confirmation that the transaction has been completed.

Full explanations on the shareholding options

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Results of the vote on the questions submitted in November 2013

  • What tax treatment applies to my taxable capital gains in 2013? 39,2%
  • Is it possible for institutional investors to hold registered shares? 22,9%
  • What is Air Liquide’s acquisitions strategy in Healthcare? 22,6%
  • What are the functions and services available on the iPad version of the Shareholder App? 15,3%

The voting is closed. Read the answers to the two most voted questions in the April 2014 issue.

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