Air Liquide Foundation supports the expedition Under The Pole II

Four years after lending its support to the first Under The Pole expedition, the Air Liquide Foundation is again showing its confidence in Ghislain Bardout and his team as they embark on a new journey to explore the Arctic Ocean along the coast of Greenland.

Launched last January, Under The Pole II will devote two years to studying the Arctic ecosystem over its entire annual cycle. The Foundation is supplying the gas and oxygen therapy kits needed for the 400 dives that will be carried out to expand knowledge of this polar region.
In keeping with its goals of preserving the atmosphere and improving respiratory function, the Foundation is also giving €120,000 to fund two of the twelve research programs being conducted during the expedition:

  • interactions between the ice bank, the atmosphere and the ocean in an endangered environment. The ice field seems to play a key role in regulating the climate. Researchers are interested in the carbon dioxide that is released by the melting ice field and stored deep in the ocean. These emissions will be quantified to assess the magnitude of the phenomenon and its impact on climate change. Other analyses (notably ice field temperature and thickness of snow and ice) will also be performed;
  • human physiology during scuba dives in very cold, deep water. A series of physiological indicators will be measured in divers during 100-meter dives to develop a better understanding of the human body’s tolerance of this extreme environment and to improve recommendations for divers.

Watch all videos about the expedition Under The Pole II (in French only)

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