Breathe in the city: a challenge for today and tomorrow

The facts

By 2050, some 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas – that means more than six billion people concentrated in cities. By 2025, our planet will have 37 megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants, including 22 in Asia. This growing urbanization is intensifying air pollution, and the number of people afflicted with respiratory disorders is on the rise. Cities will have to find innovative solutions
to offer their residents a healthy, sustainable environment. In this context, breathing in the city becomes a legitimate goal for everyone, and a major challenge for society.

The solutions

Air Liquide provides concrete solutions to the challenges of this growing urbanization. A few examples: The Group has innovative technologies to transform household waste into biogas which can be injected subsequently into natural gas networks. Air Liquide is also investing in clean transport with hydrogen energy. In over 30 countries, the Group’s Healthcare business provides home healthcare services to patients suffering from respiratory illnesses.

The outlook

The Group earmarks 60% of its R&D spending for protecting life and the environment. At the i-Lab, a think-tank and venue for experimentation, Air Liquide is taking aim at many of the issues faced by society to develop a range of products, services and technologies that will be useful in the future. New initiative: the “Breathe in the City” program to improve air quality in the city. Projects being studied include limiting polluting emissions; assisting persons who suffer from respiratory illnesses; and measuring, mapping and processing air quality. One of the first actions of the initiative is a start-up incubator, launched in partnership with the Paris city council.

The new solutions generated through “Breathe in the City” will enhance the Air Liquide offer.

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