SEPPIC: promoting health and well-being

As part of Air Liquide’s Healthcare activity, the subsidiary SEPPIC has been working for over sixty years to design and supply innovative specialty ingredients to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, vaccination and nutrition markets. It is a recognized leader thanks to its presence in eighty countries and its innovation policy. Armelle Levieux, President of the SEPPIC Management Board, answers our questions.

Armelle Levieux, President of the SEPPIC Management Board

How would you define SEPPIC’s business?
Our core business is specialty ingredients for healthcare and cosmetics, which account for 85% of our revenue. For example, we supply cosmetics manufacturers with active ingredients, texturizing agents and emulsifiers that are used to formulate creams, lotions and so forth. We also develop and market oil-based adjuvants for veterinary vaccines. Our expertise is world renowned.

What drives your growth?
Our strength is our ability to transform our innovations into lasting commercial successes, in particular by pursuing a very active patent strategy (10 to 15 patent applications per year). Moreover, a significant portion of our revenue is invested in R&D. Our most recent success was the launch of Algraal, whose goal is to develop a new algae-based production source for fatty alcohols and emulsifiers for the cosmetics industry. With this project that teams up industrial and university partners, SEPPIC is working to create a green, sustainable raw ingredient to meet the needs of stakeholders and consumers in the cosmetics business. To cement our leadership, we are always developing new technologies. One example is our latest production unit in Castres (France), which had its grand opening this autumn; it offers a guaranteed sterile manufacturing process and sterilization packaging line. This enables us to meet the high manufacturing and production standards required by the pharmaceutical industry and expand our range of activities.

What is the outlook for SEPPPIC?
It aligns perfectly with the Air Liquide Healthcare strategy. We will be prepared to meet the world’s growing demand for healthcare and well-being. At the same time, we will offer our customers innovative solutions that adapt to local needs and hew to the requirements of sustainable development. In 2013 we received the Pierre Potier Award, a French distinction that honors the best innovations in the chemicals sector to promote sustainable development.

SEPPIC received the Pierre Potier Award: discover the video!

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