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Receive your Shareholders’ Meeting invitation in electronic format

Each year Air Liquide sends more than 400,000 invitations to its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Since 2014, holders of registered shares can receive their invitation electronically rather than by post. An e-mail is sent to them with digital versions of the invitation brochure and of the Shareholder’s Guide, as well as a link to vote by Internet. Why wait? You, too, can opt for the electronic invitation via your personal online account.

Vote in a few clicks for the Shareholders’ Meeting

In 2014, more than 20,000 of you chose to vote by Internet. That’s 65% more than last year. This simple and secure solution allows you to vote on resolutions, give your proxy to the Chairman or a third party and/or request an admission card for the Shareholders’ Meeting. A confirmation of your choice can be downloaded and accessed online at any time.

Account documents: make the natural switch to digital

Air Liquide is also making it easier to manage your direct registered share accounts. Now, you can go to your personal online account to access your account status, details on dividends paid out and your tax reporting form. Soon you will be able to opt out of receiving these documents by post and choose to receive e-mail notifications when they are available in your personal online account.

Air Liquide wins the “2014 Annual General Meeting Grand Prize”

Awarded each year as part of the Paris EUROPLACE International Financial Forum, this prize rewards companies whose Annual General Meetings meet best practice standards. On July 8, the jury chose to award this prize to Air Liquide in particular thanks to the quality of the information presented explaining the macroeconomic context, strategic elements and corporate objectives and the informative approach to the main resolutions, and more generally, the great consideration given to individual shareholders.

Do you want to transfer your shares while continuing to receive the dividends? (for French tax residents only)

It is possible to pass on your Air Liquide shares to your family members while retaining usufruct through a donation with division of share ownership signed before a notary. This procedure lowers inheritance fees and offers several tax advantages. Upon the death of the donor, the shares distributed are not revalued and the bare owners recover usufruct, hence full ownership.

Shareholder Services provides assistance and finalizes passing on your shares. For example, it can create accounts for shares held in divided ownership according to the notary’s instructions and notifies all beneficiaries. For more information, Shareholder Services advisors are available to help you.

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