Diversity: a priority of Human Resources policy

The Air Liquide group is committed to promoting diversity in all its forms. Equality between men and women is an essential point in the expression of this diversity.

The number of women working in the Group is growing steadily and is now at 27% of the total staff, up from 14% 11 years ago. That number even reaches 28% among managers. These figures attest to a proactive policy based on concrete actions in recruiting, career development and managerial involvement. As an example, for every management position that becomes available, Human Resources systematically examine the application of at least one woman among the applicants. The Group is also committed to bringing about profound changes in attitudes through awareness programs and discussions designed to fight stereotypes and promote professional equality. These initiatives have been deployed in numerous parts of the world and have been well-received by our teams.

Air Liquide considers diversity as a source of dynamism, creativity and performance. It is a priority of Human Resources policy and a key factor of success to attract the best talent.

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