GlucoZor: a playful application about diabetes


Air Liquide, a pioneer and major health stakeholder through its home healthcare activity, goes into the homes of patients afflicted with chronic diseases to help set up and monitor their treatment. This patient assistance makes it possible to ensure better treatment compliance, which improves patients’ quality of life. The professionals who work for the home healthcare subsidiaries of Air Liquide (nurses and technicians) also play a key role in teaching patients about their treatment. The development of the GlucoZor digital application is part of this support strategy.


In partnership with the French association AJD (“Assistance for Young Diabetics”), Dinno Santé, an Air Liquide subsidiary that specializes in home healthcare support for diabetes patients, launched a game for 8-12-year olds that can be downloaded for free on tablets and smartphones. The game revolves around a diabetic dinosaur that must be cared for by regularly giving him the right dosage of insulin to regulate his blood sugar. It is a playful and educational way to teach children about the mechanisms of the disease. This game also promotes communication between the young patients and their friends and family.


To pull off this innovative project, Dinno Santé called on the i-Lab, the laboratory of new ideas by Air Liquide, which had already developed this type of game with Air Twist, a fun mobile app about physics and chemistry. Building on the success of this initial experience and true to its user-centric innovation approach, the i-Lab, with the advice of Dinno Santé, worked closely with the AJD patients’ association from the early stages of development. Together, they defined the game’s specifications and tested it on diabetic children and their parents from the prototype stage onward.

GlucoZor: a great example of digital innovation’s potential to promote health!

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